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1881 - Henry and Kathryn Wiers left their home in Groningen, Netherlands where they were peasant farmers, and arrived at Ellis Island, New York.  Shortly thereafter, they settled in Kalamazoo, Michigan where Henry worked in the local factories.  

1896 - Henry Wiers traveled with his family and other Dutch immigrants from Kalamazoo, Michigan to purchase 5 acres in the muck lands near Willard, Ohio.  At that time, the muck consisted of swampy and poorly drained land, but Henry Wiers along with others used draining techniques from Netherlands to make the land farmable.  The area came to be known as Celeryville.  Celery was grown and shipped to local markets using horse and wagon and transported to further locations using the railroad.


1906 - Henry Wiers helped finance and build Celeryville’s first church.  Sermons were preached exclusively in Dutch.

1922 - The 2nd generation took over the farm when Henry Wiers passed his 10 acres of land on to his sons, Edd and Garrett.

1934 - There were 37 families and 27 farms in the Celeryville area farming a combined 210 acres of celery.

1940 - The 3rd generation of the Wiers family began taking on responsibility at the farm.  The five sons of Edd Wiers -- Henry, Frank, Corwin, Norman, and Eddy -- took over the operation.

1965 - The Marsh Run Watershed Project was built. This 75 acre reservoir gathers excess rainwater and allows the Celeryville area farms to irrigate their crops even in severe droughts.

1970 - The 4th generation (Jim, Ed, John, Tom, Ben, and Jerry) of the Wiers family began to enter the business. 

1975 - The importance of on-time delivery and flexibility became more apparent.  The Wiers family realized how crucial it is to have control over their produce’s transportation.  Thus, Dutch Maid Produce was born with the purchase of 8 trucks and 10 trailers.

1992 - The 5th generation (Dean, Darren, David, and Tyler) began entering the business.

1996 - The 100th anniversary of Wiers Farm.




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  • Marsh Run Watershed Project




2001 - Dutch Maid Produce changed its name to Dutch Maid Logistics. This change helped expand services to existing customers as well as provides transportation throughout the 48 states for new customers.

2003 – Wiers Farm developed and implemented a stringent Food Safety protocol in an effort to redouble its commitment to both produce and consumer health.


2006 – Wiers Farm spread its roots and began farming near Sarasota, Florida. This expansion enables Wiers Farm to grow and deliver a wide variety of fresh produce to customers throughout the year.


2011 – Wiers Farm became a partner in S.M. Jones & Company based in Belle Glade, FL. Known as a premier grower, S.M. Jones provides customers with fresh sweet corn through the spring and fall.  


Today - Wiers Farm continues to grow and provide the best and freshest produce as well as maintain its position as a leader in Food Safety practices.  Wiers Farm controls production from the point at which seed is delivered.  Using their own greenhouses, land, packinghouse, coolers, and their sister trucking company, Wiers Farm has an unprecedented amount of control over its products.  Dutch Maid Logistics now operates a fleet of approximately 150 trucks and 200 refrigerated trailers.  With production in Ohio and Florida, Wiers Farm is able to provide solutions to your produce needs year round.

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