Wiers Farm


Food Safety is a cornerstone of our operation because consumer health is our goal.

In order to give you confidence in our food’s safety, we proactively monitor all steps of the growing and shipping process. Wiers Farm’s food safety department ensures that policies are up-to-date and enforced. Our leadership team strives to create a working culture in which food safety practices are second nature. From equipment purchases to employee training, Wiers Farm takes care to ensure our produce is harvested, packaged, stored, and distributed in the safest possible manner.

Wiers Farm is proud to be an industry leader in food safety and was quickly compliant with the Produce Traceability Initiative. Now every case is tracked from its field-of-origin, through the packinghouse, and to the store.

In addition to our own internal reviews, Wiers Farm routinely undergoes audits from government agencies and third party auditors. All audits are GFSI-benchmarked, including Global GAP and PrimusGFS. We pride ourselves in obtaining high marks from all agencies.

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