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About Us

Since its beginning in 1896, Wiers Farm has offered high-quality produce.Today, the Wiers Family operates in Ohio and Florida, producing over 45 different crops and handling many more. All crops marked with an asterisk are grown by Wiers Farm. In addition to its farming operations, the Wiers Family also owns the trucking company Dutch Maid Logistics. With a fleet of over 125 top-of-the-line trucks and over 200 refrigerated trailers, Wiers Farm has access to fast, reliable, and flexible delivery services. Please contact the Wiers Farm office for any questions or needs.

  • Beans Green
  • Beans Pole
  • Beans Wax
  • Beets *
  • Cabbage Celery
  • Cabbage Green
  • Cabbage Red
  • Cabbage Savoy
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Celery Heart
  • Cilantro *
  • Cucumber *
  • Dill *
  • Eggplant *
  • Green Onion *
  • Greens Collard *
  • Greens Dandelion *
  • Greens Kale *
  • Greens Mustard *
  • Greens Turnip *
  • Hard Squash Acorn
  • Hard Squash Buttercup
  • Hard Squash Butternut
  • Hard Squash Carnival
  • Hard Squash Delicata
  • Hard Squash Golden Hubbard
  • Hard Squash Golden Nugget
  • Hard Squash Gourds
  • Hard Squash Kabocha
  • Hard Squash Mini Pumpkins
  • Hard Squash Pie Pumpkins
  • Hard Squash Pumpkins
  • Hard Squash Spaghetti
  • Hard Squash Sweet Dumpling
  • Hard Squash Turban
  • Indian Corn
  • Kohlrabi
  • Leeks *
  • Lettuce Boston *
  • Lettuce Endive *
  • Lettuce Escarole *
  • Lettuce Green Leaf *
  • Lettuce Red Leaf *
  • Lettuce Romaine *
  • Parsley Curly *
  • Parsley Flat *
  • Pepper Anaheim *
  • Pepper Cubanelle *
  • Pepper Green Bell *
  • Pepper Habanero *
  • Pepper Hungarian Wax
  • Pepper Jalapeno *
  • Pepper Poblano *
  • Pepper Serrano *
  • Pepper Sweet Mini *
  • Pickles *
  • Radishes *
  • Strawberry Popcorn
  • Summer Squash Yellow *
  • Summer Squash Yellow Zucchini
  • Summer Squash Zucchini *
  • Sweet Corn Bicolor *
  • Sweet Corn White *
  • Sweet Corn Yellow *
  • Swiss Chard Red *
  • Swiss Chard Green *
  • Tomatillo *
  • Tomato Grape *
  • Tomato Roma *
  • Turnips
Wiers Farm delivery service areas





Wiers Farm is committed to providing only the freshest produce.  We can deliver product to most of the United States population within 24 hours.  Look at the map to see where Wiers Farm can deliver product from its growing locations in Ohio and Florida within 24 hours of harvest.



Letter from the President


Welcome to Wiers Farm. We are a family farming operation with deep roots in agriculture. Since my great grandfather planted his first crops in 1896, our mission has been to consistently produce high-quality vegetables. Each year we grow over 45 different crops in Ohio and Florida. In order to ensure that those crops reach consumers at peak freshness, we are continually working to strengthen our long-term relationships with customers.

From humble beginnings, Wiers Farm has grown to become an industry leader in quality, service, reliability, and food safety. Through five generations we’ve converted family values and hard work into a company that our employees are proud of and our customers trust. Our produce is known by our family name and we’ll do everything we can to guarantee its quality and your satisfaction.

In conjunction with Dutch Maid Logistics’ fleet of trucks and trailers, Wiers Farm is able to make quick and reliable deliveries. As a grower-shipper we’re focused on delivering the best product with accuracy and timeliness in order to meet your market’s needs.

Please feel free to give us a call to learn more about our company and our products.


With gratitude,

Ben Wiers, President

Wiers produce